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We still have 18 weeks left to book in 2020 - many in school holidays!

If you click the "New Year Update" tab at the top of the screen you will find a comprehensive list of full weeks still available for this year - and there are lots of school-holiday ones among them.

Highlights include April 17th-24th (final Easter week), May 22nd-29th (Includes Whit week, unbelievably), FIVE weeks during the main school summer holidays, and October 16th to 23, which for many people is half term.

January (as you can tell from the holiday adverts flooding all media) is the month when people make holiday decisions so many of these weeks are likely to be booked in the next fortnight - we have taken 4 bookings in the past 4 days (at January 20th) - so there really isn't a moment to lose. It does take time to organise large groups of family and friends and so we are happy to hold a particular week for a few days while you sort things out - something you simply can't do with online agencies.

If you have any queries do get in touch, and we will hope to welcome you soon!

Steve and family

Posted on 20 January 2020

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