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We're getting pretty booked up for 2018 - but we have lots of fantastic-value midweek breaks available

It's a little harder to organise sometimes - getting everyone together midweek, but it offers fantastic value and you still get 3 or 4 days together to walk, talk, eat, drink and generally enjoy the company of friends and family.

Almost 80% of the weekends for this year are already booked, and a majority of people book for a week as a weekend is only 15% cheaper; but there are lots of unbooked midweeks (Monday-Friday, Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday) available.
If you book direct you can reserve *almost ANY  midweek, whether the weekend is booked or not, at any time, and the price is "a mere" £999!

This is very definitely the place to book as this deal is not available elswhere. Plus you deal direct with the owner from the word go (not sure if that's a plus or not!)

There are two dates when the midweek deal is not available and that is the remaining two school holiday weeks  for this year:

Week One: August 3-10. The rate is £3,000, with 25% payable on booking [our normal terms] and the remainder 6 weeks before arrival.

Week Two: October 19-26. Book direct with us and it is £2900.  Call 015394 48978 and leave a message, or email See you soon!

Steve Thomas

Posted on 15 February 2018

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